Why Do You Need Aftercare For Technical Garments & PPE?

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulation(2002). States that it is an employers obligation to provide PPE where appropriate and to have that equipment maintained correctly.


Giltbrook Workwear have the technical knowledge to assist customers when choosing their workwear, ensuring it meets regulatory requirements. We provide garments in a range of safety critical fabrics including Hi-visibility EN20471, Flame retardant ISO 11611,
ISO 11612. As well s multifunctional fabrics such as antistatic, Electric Arc and Chemical splash. With over 70 years of industry experience, we work with fabric and garment manufacturers to sample and trial the aftercare of products. Meaning we can ensure you have the right workwear for you.

Garment aftercare is needed as it prolongs the life of the product, while simultaneously making sure it still meets the correct standards. At Giltbrook we use specialist
wash processes that takes into account; soiling types, fabric and colour mix and specialist fabric treatment. This takes care and extends the life of garments while effectively cleaning them.

Domestic cleaning can damage fabric and Hi-Visibility reflective tape if they are washed at excessively high strength, alkalinity levels and temperatures. Moreover, domestic detergents chemical make-up can cause damage to fabric and chemical treatments such as,Flame -Retardant and Chemical Splash. Optical brightening agents in domestic detergents can reduce the chromaticity of a product.

Aftercare is vital as if a propicture-189duct needs any repairs our quality audit inspection team will carry these out ensuring workwear is fit for purpose. Our service monitors the life cycle of garments and compares them against how long they are expected to last. If products are not lasting as long as they should we can help you review the workwear you are using.
Our chip and barcode system allows you to track workwear through the cleaning process, this information is uploaded on to the Giltbrook Hub. This allows you to access live management information. Such as, information on an employee’s rotation of workwear, early warning of prematurely wearing garments, or if a garment should be removed from service after a set number of washes. The Giltbrook Hub will provide you with this information swiftly so you can then take the relevant action.

Giltbrook can provide you with personalised branding on your workwear that clearly displays your company. We can provide these in hi-visibility and flame retardant materials.

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