Workwear needs to be chosen correctly for potentially dangerous environments

Our extensive range of products and Giltbrook's technical knowledge ensures staff achieve safe working practices everyday

Specialist Fabrics and Finishes 

Our Cotton rich garments with a flame-retardant finish (FlameMaster: supplied by Carringtons) conform to both EN 11611 and EN 11612.They also feature covered breast pockets, rule pocket, concealed studs and side pockets constructed to avoid the ingress of sparks or weld splatter. Flame-retardant garments should be considered as secondary protection in risk areas. We offer primary protection through leather aprons and gauntlets. In environments where chemical splash is a potential risk our chemical repellent garment finishes are available

Cotton Rich Fabrics

For heavy industrial use where the absorbency of the fabric is key suitable for use in heavy commercial environments

Hi Visibility Clothing

Ideal for working outdoors where it is important to feel comfortable, warm and well protected from the weather. Hi-Vis garments which conform to EN 20471 are available in trousers, jackets and coveralls. Hi-Vis stripes can also be added to trouser legs, chest and across shoulders 

 Multi-protection Hi Visibility clothing with Flame-retardant properties

For multiple hazard situations in work environments such as handling volatile materials. It is recognised that wearer garments with more than one protective property are required.

Workwear which not only complies to Flame-retardant standards EN 11612/EN 11611 may also comply with EN 20471 and GO/RT 3279 specified for the railways 

Protection Against Electric Arc Flash

Available in a range of garments; trousers, coveralls and coats workwear can meet EN 61482-1-1/EN 61482-2. The end user can select the correct clothing system ensuring the Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) of the the fabric is greater than the incident heat energy of the arc.

Antistatic Finish

Available in trousers, coveralls and coats this finish has a carbon-fibre negastat grid woven into the fabric to protect against static electricity. This feature offers high levels of protection for components that are particularly sensitive to electrostatic dissipation conforming to EN 1149-3. 

Dust Control 

Products manufactured from high construction, woven polyester. Featuring a one piece hood, zip front and outside pockets. Meeting the test criteria 0.5 – 5.0 microns of ceramic dust absorbency. 

Casual Work Clothing 

For comfort, Pontella polo-shirts, caps, fleeces and sweatshirts are ideal. As companies move towards a less formal image, casual work clothing is the way forward as it is comfortable and cool yet smart and suitable for industrial laundering.

Customised Garments

Create a distinctive image for your company with customised designer wear. Choose from a comprehensive range of garments and select the design style with different body colours, contrasting collars, yokes and stripes. 

All our workwear is available with the option of introducing corporate identity with our logo and embroidery service essential if your staff are customer facing.

Lint Free 

Garments which achieve static dissipation by induction without earthing, they boast excellent wearer comfort with a natural handle and drape conforming to EN 1149-3. 

Chemical Repellent Finish 

For environments where chemical splash is a potential risk this addition is available in jackets,coats and coveralls with covered zips and pockets with wide covering flaps.

Paint Room Garments. 

Manufactured in pontella and carbon fibres with lint free and antistatic properties, designed with covered pockets, tight elastic cuffs and hoods. 

Our dedicated account managers will make sure your workwear meets your requirements. For further product information visit our catalogue here
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