Product Tracking

Giltbrook are one of the first workwear providers in the U.K to use high frequency micro-chip (RFID) and barcode technology

This allows us to track and control the movement of  garments. Product tracking can assist your compliance to due diligence legislation as hit enables you to closely monitor staff usage which is paramount in hygiene critical areas

Our chip and barcode technology enables us to provide customers with up to date information through the Giltbrook Hub such as: 

• Location of their workwear through the laundry process 

• Information on any repairs needed or carried out. 

• If staff are routinely sending garments for laundering 

• Our early alert system highlighting any changes.

We produce all our labels in house they always include:

• Account number & wearer name 

• Company & department name 

• Wearer /locker number 

• Unique barcode number 

• Reference style 

•Date of issue 

• Full rental/purchase only garment 

•Unique customer code

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