In the food industry cleanliness and good hygiene levels have to meet exacting standards

This is why Giltbrook are a successful supplier in this sector. We supply garments and accessories that will cover from head to toe

Colour collars: To denote high and low risk areas reducing risk of cross contamination

Internal pockets: Only included above waist level

Concealed zips and stud fastenings: To prevent cross contamination 

Cuffing or studs At the wrist, ankle and neckline increases wearer protection. 

We provide workwear featuring comfort blended fabrics. These give good water absorption and added strength which improve hygiene and performance.

Our technically, dedicated account managers will perform a uniform fit service to ensure garments fit correctly. Indivduals can always request shortening of the legs arm and waist size to tailor wears to their needs. To view our product range visit our catalogue here.

Giltbrook supply and launder workwear for the Food Processing sector providing standard and bespoke garments to meet HACCP, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), BRC and ISO 9001 requirements.

The requirement is to form a secure barrier to reduce the risk of cross contamination from any foreign bodies. Workwear must be chosen with specific design specifications that are sensitive to good hygiene practices.

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