In the Pharmaceutical industry it’s essential for garments to be regularly cleaned so they conform to industry standards

Giltbrook’s laundry and workwear rental service ensures the correct standards are met. We provide workwear for some of the area’s biggest pharmaceutical companies as we have extensive experience in this field

We understand that Pharmaceutical workwear needs to: 
  • Be built with design specification which is sensitive to stringent cleanliness standards. 
  •  Required to form a secure barrier to reduce the risk of cross-contamination from any foreign bodies. We supply garments and accessories which will cover from head to toe. 
  •  Our garments offer control of particulate, bio-burden, electrostatic discharge, both for the cleanroom and non-cleanroom support areas. 
  •  Use fabric and garment designs that ensure particles and micro-organisms are limited and retained. 

We will compliment your guidelines through a range of services, including: 
  •  Pharmaceutical processing to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), BRC and ISO 9001 requirements. Providing standard and bespoke garments. 
  •  A full audit trail complete with management reports and wearer analysis 
  •  Online Customer reporting area on our website, which allows you to see wash reports, wearer wash frequency and invoicing information. 
  •  Technically aware and dedicated account managers to work with you and look after your account.
Our unique understanding of high-tech requirements makes us a leading supplier of coveralls, coats, hoods, snoods, caps to meet the evermore demanding European standards. 
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