Laundry Service

It is important to service workwear to the highest standards when worn in potentially hazardous environments

We are experts in Safety Critical Workwear, your staff can rely on their workwear being safe and clean everyday. Our high standards are achieved through our laundry processes

Tunnel Finisher 

The tunnel dryer produces a quality finish, lint and crease free. The careful temperature control provides a secondary thermal disinfection. 

Despatch Scanning Station 

Workwear is carefully examined and if all quality standards are met is sent for despatch. If a repair is requirement garments are mended to the highest standard. Repairs are scanned and information updated to our Giltbrook Hub. Repairs are re-examined at the Quality Audit point before sending for dispatch. 

Delivery to Customer 

Before being delivered workwear is folded through our automatic folder for crisp presentation. At an agreed time we deliver workwear directly back to the customer's site. Our will load the wearers’ lockers providing staff with freshly cleaned workwear

Scanning in of workwear 

Giltbrook provide quality laundry and rental services for the safety critical workwear market. From the arrival of garments at our premises they are closely monitored, recorded and controlled. 

Wash cycle

Garments go through a number of stages in the wash cycle guaranteeing a thorough wash process, to remove grease and oil staining providing excellent results each time. 

Close Monitoring 

Our wash processes are monitored by our detergent suppliers by checking temperatures, alkalinity strength, and wash action so exacting standards are maintained. 

Hi-VIs workwear
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