Giltbrook provide comfortable, functional and smart workwear creating a positive image of your business

In this industry specific requirements need to be met to ensure the wearer is safe and protected at all times

Customised Design

Garment design can be customised to suit your corporate image. Personalise your workwear using different body colours, contrasting collars, yokes and stripes, garments can be personalised with our embroidery and badging service. Find out more here

Product Range

Comfortable, smart garments suitable for industrial laundering. We supply casual pontella poloshirts, t -shirts, fleeces and sweatshirts in numerous colours. Our contemporary cotton blended garments have good tear and abrasion resistance providing greater wearer safety. 

Cotton garments are ideal for the car workshop environment as they are durable and comfortable. Boilersuits, coats, jackets and trousers are all available in this fabric. Our Cotton rich garments be finished with a flame-retardant finish. 

For the commercial sector cotton rich fabric can be supplied in a range of styles suited for the oily environments due to its high absorbency. 

Fastening Types

We offer a choice of cuff fastening, collars, concealed and exposed zips, stud fastenings internal and external pocketing, vents, flaps covering pockets, and stud flaps for extra security.

Corporate Wear

Giltbrook will also provide your corporate wear and aftercare, the uniform your staff wears is a reflection of your brand values and we want to help you reinforce this through quality corporate clothing. We work with you to help design your garments. We can also take a standard product and personalise it through our embroidery and badging.

Our dedicated account managers will make sure your workwear meets your requirements. For further product information visit our catalogue here.
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