Contract V Purchase

Our contract rental is our primary service where we completely manage all of your workwear needs. We do offer the option for you to purchase garments outright

  • Consultation on the best garment fabrics, styles and colours for you. As well as garment sampling. 
  • Measuring each employee to provide garments tailored specifically for each staff member. 
  • Providing garment decoration; embroidery and badging that includes company logo, employee’s status and name. 
  • Each week, or at agreed frequencies we collect soiled garments and return laundered ones to a regular, agreed schedule. 
  • All garments are audited and repaired ensuring they are fit for purpose before being returned 
  • We monitor the quality of your garments and highlight any that are substandard and need replacement. 
  • Workwear is distributed to your site where our deliverer will load workwear into correct lockers. 
  • Our experienced account managers will look after all aspects of your account relating to service and sales. Our dedicated Customer Service Team always contactable by phone or e-mail to answer any queries. 
  • Our microchip(RFID) and barcode systems enable us to keep pinpoint where garments are in the process and provide you with detailed online management information through our Giltbrook Hub. 

  • If you prefer to own your garments, or wish to buy them from us, we can still collect soiled garments on a regular basis returning them laundered and fit for purpose 
  • We will arrange a schedule to ensure that you always have enough garments on site 
  • All garments are barcoded to individual wearers enabling us to provide you with accurate invoicing information 
  • Our garment repair service can be included, for which you will receive an itemised monthly bills. 
  • We can advise you on how many garments you should have in circulation. 
  • Our experienced team can offer guidance on your PPE requirements and source through our database of Workwear the right products for you.
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