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At Giltbrook we often get a range of enquires, if you have a question about our services or  products check below as your question may well be answered

If you still have something you want to ask just contact one of our team

How do we evaluate your Workwear needs? 

Utilising our knowledge of fabric, styles and corporate colours we will work with you to develop a customised program which meets all of your organisations needs. We analyse what you need based upon a wide range of criteria as detailed below: 

Style/fit preferences 

Fabrics and colours 

Environmental conditions 

Protection/durability needs 

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) regulations  

Business type

It is the employers legal duty to provide PPE where necessary? 

Yes it is the employers legal responsibility to carry out risk assessments to ensure they comply with Health and safety regulations in the workplace.When conducting a basic risk assessment we are there for support and assistance when selecting PPE garments. We will clearly explain what we can provide, how we will maintain the garments, and what is expected of you the employer 

How long is a contract period? 

The level of wear and tear and the number of issues allocated to each member of staff will determine your contract period . We will work with you to find the best option, which will reflect the garment life. 

We will also evaluate and discuss other services you may require including badges, mats, hand cleanliness and lockers. 

Can we be assured garments fit correctly? 

We will measure each employee individually using the appropriate garment sizing set. We advise where possible that garments are tried on prior to issue. We can alter garments to fit each wearer which will be fully documented. 

How long will it take to install the service? 

This varies depending on product specifications. Installation can take as little as two weeks or less from ordering to issue dependent on garment availability. 

Can I expect a regular collection and delivery ? 

We offer a full collection and delivery service. Our transport team collects the soiled items and delivers clean items on a regular, agreed schedule. We can distribute garments to each employee via our lockers management service. 

What management reports are available? 

Our barcode and electronic chip system provides us and you the customer with a wealth of information via our Giltbrook Hub such as: 

Frequency of cleans 

Periodic wash exceptions 

Repairs and stock holding 

Full garment history 

Wearer invoicing information 

What happens if we are a hygiene critical industry? 

Our Hi-care facility has a strict hygiene management system installed to meet the requirements of the food and medical industries. Our highly trained technical staff will ensure the hygienic standards of cleanliness are achieved by selecting the most appropriate cleaning processes by assessing the soiling, fabric blends and garment construction. Find out more here

What happens if we need a replacement or repair? 

When going through our laundry process the garments are inspected for repairs and replacements will be sourced if necessary, but only with your permission. This means there are no extra costs without your agreement. 

What happens if someone leaves or we have a new employee? 

Our service team is your point of contact for dealing with these enquiries. 

If someone leaves, garments can be removed from the system and you no longer pay for the cleaning service. If the rental garment is in good condition we can store in your dedicated stockholding and it can be brought back into service if you have a starter in the same size. Alternatively a new rental garment can be ordered and issued. 

Can I purchase garments outright? 

Once your needs are identified we can identify through our database the correct Workwear, that you can buy outright. We can still collect soiled garments returning them fit for purpose. Find out more.

Can you launder my own garments?

Yes we can with regular collection and delivery at a pre-agreed time. All garments are barcoded and electronically chipped to individual wearers or pull stock. We can then provide you with accurate invoicing information. Our repair service can be included which you will receive an itemised monthly bill.

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