High Visibility Workwear

Ensure your staff are visible, comfortable and dry with our range of hi-vis clothing that is tailored to suit your staff needs.

High Visibility Reflective Clothing to Protect your Staff

Hi-vis clothing is a crucial item of protective workwear. It provides a vital safeguard to staff working in poor visibility conditions. Whatever your industry, it is important to ensure your staff are always safe and noticeable to avoid accidents. Hi-vis workwear is particularly critical to men and women working: 

  • out on roads and motorways
  • at construction sites
  • in storage and warehouse facilities

Hi vis clothing is also useful for alerting people to your presence. Whether that’s in busy working environments such as warehouses, or because your role is of particular importance to the public such as a first aider.

When you perform a risk assessment your health and safety policy will identify whether your staff need hi-vis clothing. If they do, it is your duty as an employer to provide them with the equipment they need. The level of risk and the type of role your staff perform will dictate what clothing is needed. We supply hi-vis clothing to a variety of industries, and we have thorough knowledge of industry regulations. We will also perform our own risk assessment to ensure we provide your staff with the appropriate workwear.

Hi-Vis Clothing: Industry Standards

All our hi-vis garments conform to the industry standard EN 20471 as a minimum. If you require your workwear to have other protective qualities, we can work to your specification. For example, an environment with multiple hazardous situations may need to conform to additional standards. We can ensure your hi-vis workwear has the extra protective qualities and meets the other regulations. Additional reflective strips can also be added to workwear as further precaution for your employees.

Hi-Vis Workwear for all Conditions

Hi-vis clothing is often required for cold, dark environments. As well as being reflective and bright, it needs to feel comfortable and warm. Our hi-vis clothing is waterproof to help keep you protected against the elements. It has also has durable highly reflective strips on top of the luminous fabric to maximise visibility when working at night.

We also offer lightweight hi-vis garments. These are suitable for warmer working conditions. They're also ideal for site visits where hi-vis items are worn over everyday clothes. Our hi-vis clothing comes in a variety of types, sizes and colours so we will be able to cater for all employee needs.

It is important when ordering hi vis workwear to consider the seasons if employees will be working outdoors. Hi vis tops and vests are great for summer but during colder weather if they were to put a normal jacket on top the hi vis properties would be covered so you wouldn’t get the protection. We offer a vast range of garments, from tops and shorts to trousers and jackets so we can cater for all your workwear needs.

As industrial laundry specialists, we work closely with manufacturers to vigorously test materials. Our insight into the garments enables us to provide you with the best uniforms possible. Our reflective garments will uphold their visibility qualities even after deep cleaning processes and this is something we have first hand experience in testing. 


Types of Workwear

hi-vis soft shell jacket
hi-vis vest
hi-vis shorts
hi-vis fleece
hi-vis jacket
hi-vis jacket and trousers
hi-vis gren vest
hi-vis trousers

Why Choose Us?

At Giltbrook Workwear we are able to provide a vast range of safety wear to help look after your staff. Our workwear offerings are completely custom to you based on the level of protection you need. We will assess your staff requirements with a risk assessment. This allows us to provide workwear solutions that ensure your team conform to the relevant industry regulations.  

We offer a complete workwear management service, so you don’t have to worry about the state of your uniforms. Our workwear rental service means we are responsible for dealing with your workwear demands. For example, you may recruit new staff and need uniforms that fit your workplace criteria immediately. We will also deal with any repairs to ensure the condition meets the high standards required. We’ll launder your uniforms to ensure they are washed correctly using our specialist facilities and ensure they are returned to you in time for the next shift.

Giltbrook Workwear Promise

We will ensure your employees always have the correct protection for their jobs with our workwear

Save your time and resources with our workwear rental contracts. Let us deal with all your workwear needs including the ordering, storing and laundry of uniforms

Our workwear is comfortable as well as safe and designed to keep staff dry and warm

Useful Workwear Information


Hi Vis Workwear Requirements

All you need to know about what hi-vis clothing is required for different industries and the standards it must conform to. 

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How To Wash Hi Vis Workwear 

Professional advice about correct cleaning processes for hi vis workwear to maintain its protective qualities.

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hi vis post wash check

Maintenance Of Hi Vis Workwear 

Information about the care and maintenance of hi vis garments including what is required and who's responsibility it is.

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