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Giltbrook offer a range of services to enhance your business

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We offer a range of quality products and services to suit your business needs, we will work with you to make sure we deliver what you envisage. 

Other Products and services we offer are:

Embroidery & Badging - Use our embroidery and badging services to personalise your garments

Workwear Laundry - We are laundry specialists with innovative facilities making u capable of dealing with high workwear demands. 

Product Tracking - Our micro chip and barcode technology allow us to track garments throughout the laundry process. 

Lockers - We can supply garment dispensing and personal lockers. 

Mats - We offer an extensive range of mat types, sizes and colours

Wipers - The ideal solution to spills in the work place

Washrooms - Find out more about what services we offer

Giltbrook Hub - Access data from anywhere, securely and easily making wash and wearer reports easier to view

Garment Embroidery
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