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Environmentally friendly, reliable workwear laundry facilities that can meet high demands for all sectors.

If you’re looking for workwear laundry services, whatever your sector, you’ve come to the right place. With over 70 years’ experience and one of the most advanced laundry facilities in Europe, you can rest assured with us your workwear needs are in safe hands. We have developed a rigorous laundry process to ensure garments are cared for properly and returned to you in the best condition. We use transponder micro-chip and bar code technology, so each item of clothing is meticulously monitored throughout the laundry process. This allows us to present you with reports on how regular uniforms have been cleaned, but to also ensure no item goes amiss throughout our process.

Workwear cleanliness is important whatever sector your business is a part of. Healthcare, food production and catering environments have stringent hygiene requirements as part of their legislation, and we have created strict processes to adhere to these needs. Safety critical workwear has its own challenges when it comes to cleaning. Protective workwear often has high visibility reflective tapes, specialist coatings and are treated with chemicals to provide the wearer with necessary safeguards against a series of hazards associated with their role. It’s important to launder these garments correctly to ensure these protections are not adversely affected with. Our advanced knowledge of technical workwear, good laundry processes that are sensitive to the fabric blend and colour puts us in a position where we are confident our wash processes will clean the garment to the highest standard.

Benefits Of Industrial Controlled Laundry Over Home Washing

It’s important for uniforms to be cleaned correctly to ensure they meet industry regulations and fulfil the roles for their wearer. Domestic cleaning and household detergents containing Optical Brightening Agents (OBA’S) can cause damage to fabrics and effect their chemical treatments. Wash processes in the home domestic washing are not designed to be remotely monitored and recorded to prove validation of wash temperatures. This is a particular concern for the food, medical and healthcare sector where recommended Department of Health guidelines HSG (95)18 recommend implied thermal disinfection through washing at 65 degrees C for a minimum of 10 minutes wash. Giltbrook industrial washing processes monitor in real time temperature, wash dip levels, detergent dosing and positively alert when thermal disinfection is achieved. Garments if not correctly laundered can also shrink, fade, and may contaminate other clothing items if not washed correctly. There is also the risk when leaving uniform cleaning to staff members that workwear isn’t cleaned as regularly as advised.

We can help you meet your workwear cleanliness needs. Our facility is based between Nottingham and Derby and we serve businesses across the Midlands. Our large facilities capacity also mean we can adhere to your schedule collecting and returning items on a weekly, multi drop daily basis if required.

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Our Workwear Laundry Process

Product Tracking

When your workwear arrives at our facility, we scan the products to make sure they are monitored on our system. This means we can track each garment throughout the laundry process.

Wash Cycle

There are a number of stages in the wash cycle and depending on the type of garment and their qualities, they will be treated accordingly.

Close Monitoring

Our wash processes are monitored by our detergent suppliers by checking temperatures, alkalinity strength, and wash action so exacting standards are maintained.

Tunnel Finisher

The tunnel dryer produces a quality crease free finish. The careful temperature control provides a secondary thermal disinfection.

Quality Checks

Workwear is carefully examined by our team to ensure it meets our high standards. Our workwear laundry process meets ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and this is something we take very seriously. Customer satisfaction is exceptionally important to us.


If a repair is required, garments are mended to the highest standard on site. After being repaired, garments are scanned, and information is updated to our Giltbrook Hub. Repairs are re-examined at the Quality Audit point before sending for dispatch.

Folded & Prepared

Before being delivered back to you, workwear is folded through our automatic folder for crisp presentation.

Delivery to Customer

At an agreed time, we deliver workwear directly back to the customers site. Our team will load the wearers’ lockers providing staff with freshly cleaned workwear ready for their next shift.

Our Laundry Facilities

Our laundry facility uses modern, environmentally friendly processes that wash your workwear to the highest standards. Here’s some of the secrets behind our success:

  • Rain water harvesting - We have the ability to capture and filter every drop of rain water to use in our wash processes.
  • Rinse water recycling - Rinse water is recycled back into the wash process, minimising our water usage.
  • Product tracking - Each garment can be carefully monitored throughout the laundry process.
  • Air filtration - Our cleanroom positive air system changes the air continually every hour to filter out dust and lint out of the atmosphere.
  • Solar panels - Our 50 kw Solar panel system allows us to generate up to 45000 kw per annum, directly used in our process operation to offset our carbon footprint.

Why Choose Us

Modern, environmentally friendly laundry facilities

Rigorous and controlled cleaning processes for consistent results

Over 70 years’ experience and understanding of workwear laundry

Our Complete Workwear Service

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Workwear Purchase & Rental Options

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