Locker Services

We can provide both personal and garment dispensing lockers for your workplace. Available in various configurations and sizes, from full length to multi-compartment, with key or combination lock options. Our workplace lockers can be designed to suit your spatial requirements, workplace layout and your individual staff needs. We will work with you to provide locker solutions that are specifically helpful for your business.

Garment Dispensing & Collectors Lockers

Garment lockers are crucial for industries with strict hygiene requirements and where workwear may come into contact with hazardous chemicals and waste. Garment lockers ensure soiled garments are kept separate from the rest of your belongings preventing cross contamination.

Our collector lockers allow you to post soiled garments through the top and the bottom of the locker has hooks to hold a laundry bag. Garments can be collected at any time by our Route representative. We also have multi compartment lockers where the top is for laundry and the rest of the compartments are for storage. We also have lockers available to suit the food industry with sloping tops and anti-bacterial powder coatings.

Our garment dispensing lockers come in a range of sizes and configurations. Our sturdy, stove enamelled lockers are generally provided in banks of 5, 10,15 compartments. Each wearer has their own individual compartment and key giving them 24 hr access.


Personal Staff Lockers

We have a variety of personal workplace lockers available in a range of styles to suit your staff needs. From full length configurations to multi-compartment space saving lockers and the option of stands, stands with seating, sloping tops and ventilation. We understand carrying keys can be problematic for some roles, so we have combination lockers available to eliminate that need. Our lockers are also available in a range of modern colours so you can maintain your company branding even through to the locker room. Our lockers are completely secure and sturdy so you can ensure staff belongings are protected at all costs.

locker roof options

Collection & Laundry Service

As laundry specialists with one of the most advanced laundry facilities in Europe, we can help with your laundry needs. Additionally, to providing the lockers, we can collect the garments for laundry before returning them to you ready for their next use. As we use bar code technology to monitor garments through the laundry process, we can ensure all items are returned appropriately into the correct lockers.



Why Choose Us

Range of colours available so you can match lockers to your branding. 

Vast locker options to suit different industry requirements. Both key and code access also.

Modern, environmentally friendly laundry facilities to fulfil all laundry needs

Our Complete Workwear Service

Hi-Vis PPE

Workwear Purchase & Rental Options

We offer flexible rental contracts and outright purchase options for all of our workwear. Read our comparison to find out the best option for you.

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Garment Embroidery

Embroidery & Customisation

Add your logo and branding to your garments for a professional business look. 

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We are workwear laundry specialists with an innovative modern laundry facility based in the Midlands. We can pick up your uniforms, clean them accordingly and deliver back to your door

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floor mats

Floor Mats

Floor mats are an important addition to any business. From keeping staff and customers safe, the work environment clean, and an opportunity to create a great first impression, the benefits speak for themselves.

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