Flame Retardant Workwear

Ensure your employees are safe when exposed to heat and flames with our range of flame-retardant workwear.

Working with heat and flames is a high-risk job so it’s important to ensure your staff are correctly uniformed to prevent accidents and injuries. Flame retardant clothing when worn and layered correctly can provide maximum protection and reduce the chance of burns. As employers it is your duty to ensure workwear is adequate and that all health and safety practices are in place. Tests have shown the appropriate layering of flame resistant garments can give optimal protection, providing wearers critical extra seconds to react in hazardous situations. We have a thorough knowledge of  industries workwear available  so we can assist  your staff in choosing the correct apparel.

Understanding Fire Resistant and Fire Retardant workwear

Flame retardant workwear is not flame resistant or flameproof, however flame retardant workwear is designed to limit the spread of fire and smother it into self extinguishing. Treated flame retardant workwear have a specialist chemical treatment added to the finished woven fabric, Modacrylic fabrics the treatment is added into the fibre during the manufacturing process. When exposed to a heat source or naked flame these chemicals react and release gases that slow down the flame spread and help smother it by reducing the oxygen needed by the fire to continue to burn.

Treated fabrics tend to be a blend of polyester and a high proportion of cotton, the cotton absorb the chemical which gives the finished fabric its flame-retardant properties, examples of fabrics would include Zeus from Klopman Fabrics and Flamemaster from Carrington fabrics.

Fire resistant workwear are created using fibres that are non flammable and inherently resistant to catching flame, for example Nomex fabric. Whereas it’s the chemical treatment on flame-retardant workwear that protect it against flames, with fire resistant workwear the fibres bond together creating a barrier against the flames.

Ensuring your Workwear Meets the Relevant Standards.

We can supply a vast range of flame-retardant workwear for various industries and roles. ISO 11611 class 1 or 2 is the protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes. The aim of this standard is to define the requirements of the garment design as well as the thermal protection required for the manufacture of clothing for welders. These garments have to protect the wearer against small metal splashes, short flame contact and against radiant heat. The standard classifies the garment in two protection levels class 1 or class 2. The higher the class the greater protection. Note the standard covers upper & lower torso, arms and legs, and there are a number of design requirements to prevent droplet lodging anywhere on the garment. ie pocket flaps, vertical side pocket opening.

ISO 11612 outlines the standard for protective clothing  against heat and flames. The standard sets out where there is a need for clothing with limited flame spread properties, and where wearer could be exposed to radiant, convective or contact heat or molten metal splashes. There are several protection classes :-

Code A1- Limited flamespread to outer surface

Code A2 – Limited flamespread to edge

Code B1-3 Convective Heat

Code C1-4 Radiant Heat

Code D1-3 Molten Aluminium splash

Code E1-3 Molten Iron splash

Code F1-2 Contact heat

The lower the denomination of class the poorer the performance rating which will need to be taken into account to satisfy hazards associated with your staff roles. When we discuss your workwear requirements, we would  advise you to carry out a  risk assessment so we can ensure our workwear offerings conform to the regulations and offer the utmost protection for your team. 


Types of Workwear

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How We Can Help

We offer a complete workwear rental and management service whereby we can take care of the laundry, repair, ordering in and storage of your uniforms. Our workwear rental service eases the resources your company needs to protect your staff as we take on that responsibility, but it also ensures that your uniforms remain in the best condition possible. Specialist workwear that has been treated with protective coats requires extra attention and care when washing. We have the capabilities to make sure workwear is laundered properly so it is kept in the best condition.

Outright purchase is also an option for our workwear and we offer flexible contracts on the laundry and management of your garments should this be something your company is interested in.

Why Choose Us?

We will ensure your employees always have the correct protection for their jobs with our workwear

Save your time and resources with our workwear rental contracts. Let us deal with all your workwear needs including the ordering, storing and laundry of uniforms

Our workwear is comfortable as well as safe and designed to keep staff dry and warm

Our Complete Workwear Service

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Workwear Purchase & Rental Options

We offer flexible rental contracts and outright purchase options for all of our workwear. Read our comparison to find out the best option for you.

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Embroidery & Customisation

Add your logo and branding to your garments for a professional business look. 

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We are workwear laundry specialists with an innovative modern laundry facility based in the Midlands. We can pick up your uniforms, clean them accordingly and deliver back to your door.

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We can provide locker facilities for your staff. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to suit all needs. 

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