Mats are now a much needed addition to any business. They will protect your premises and convey the correct image of your business,  they are often the first thing a customer will see

We offer an extensive range of mat types, sizes and colours. Our ‘lift and lay’ service will ensure your mats are always clean and fit for use. We’ll collect your mats at agreed intervals and leave behind laundered and clean replacements.

Why mats are needed?

Safety – Research has shown the most common cause of injuries at work is a result of a slip or trip. Giltbrook’s mats can help improve the safety of your working environment

Reduces dirt – 70% of all dirt and moisture in any building is walked in, our mats trap this dirt and moisture at the door

Antistatic – All nylon mats have antistatic properties

Air quality – They improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust which can cause damage expensive equipment

Appearance – Enhance the appearance of your premises and promote your company

Cost effective – Cut down cleaning costs

Anti-fatigue – Our mats are designed to help reduce back and leg strain for people standing for long periods of time. They can reduce physical fatigue by 50%

Logo Mats

Logo mats are a great way to utilise the mat as an effective marketing tool. They are visually attractive and functional at the same time. We will work with you to create your chosen design and then provide you with coloured line drawings, ensuring size and colour are suitable for the location of the mat. We are able to reflect your corporate colours in the design of your logo Mat.

Standard Mats

Standard mats offer a professional barrier service they trap dirt and dust to protect your floors and equipment. Available in a variety of colours and sizes they create a smarter environment for employees and customers.

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