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We offer a wide range of workwear, available for purchase or hire. We work across many different sectors, including the hotel & leisure industry. Your establishment in the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry is subject to stringent hygiene standards and part of meeting your requirements is equipping your staff with safe and clean workwear. We offer a range of bespoke garments that can be entirely personalised to your business.

Providing Bespoke Workwear For The Hotel & Leisure Industry

Meeting Hygiene Food Standards and HACCP regulations is paramount to any business in the hotel & leisure industry. Alongside having measures in place and following certain processes, you need to ensure your staff are dressed for the occasion. We have a selection of hotel and hospitality uniforms that use a range of fabric including, stretch, woven, breathable and antibacterial fabrics and employ hygienic designs to help you meet your duties as a business in the leisure industry.

It’s not just safety and hygiene standards that you need to satisfy, but also your own professional standards and what you aspire to be as a business. This is why our workwear can be personalised for your operation. With embroidery, heat seal badges and other customisable garments, you can foster your brand identity and have all your staff looking smart and presentable with our fantastic workwear range.

We can discuss your workwear needs with you and come to an agreement on how to satisfy your specific needs. Our workwear is available for purchase or rental. If you choose to rent, then you will benefit from our comprehensive workwear management services. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who will be actively looking after your account. Our online auditing systems through the Giltbrook Hub to allow you to monitor and download wash reports, wearer analyses and invoicing information too. We also run a laundry service where we can pick up, wash and deliver your uniforms back to you, freeing up time and resources for your business.

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Our Laundry Process

Hiring workwear from us means that you leave the laundering of your uniforms to us.  We have a thorough cleaning system that is designed for us to consistently replicate the highest of cleanliness standards. We use this process across industries including the pharmaceutical industry where sterilisation of clothes is crucial. You can trust us to regularly meet and exceed Hygiene Food standards. Here’s how our process works:

  • Tracking Your Laundry

All your garments are scanned in electronically, meaning that we are able to track your uniforms closely through our process from booking in at receipt at the laundry, washing, quality checking, and repair and despatch so you can be confident and trusting in our service. This is vital for us providing the consistent results that we do.

  • Wash Cycle

Our wash cycle is made up of a number of different stages, each stage has been designed to ensure the textile is correctly laundered in line with the type of fabric, soiling type, level of soiling and fabric colour. Our main wash stages of over 65 deg Celsius for over 10 minutes will ensure thermal disinfection. So you can be confident your garments are being laundered with the most appropriate process in line with ensuring HACCP regulations are being adhered to and maximising the garment life. 

  • Wash Quality Assurance

Our Innovative “Sapphire Wash control systems” allows Giltbrook staff to closely monitor the wash processes in real time, critical when wishing to achieve thermal disinfection of food trade garments. Measuring dip levels in the wash liquor, temperature, mechanical action and detergent dosing through our proof of delivery system. Information is stored in the cloud to offer easily accessible wash information to allow for positive release of batches, audit information illustrating that thermal disinfection has been achieved by unique batch cycle.

We work closely with our detergent and equipment partners to monitor and develop new wash programs for your uniforms. Keeping all variables under control allows us to achieve our excellent results.

  • Tunnel Drying

Your garments are put through our tunnel dryer next. This stage also features careful temperature control and thermal disinfection to maintain the levels of cleanliness.

  • Quality Assurance

Perhaps the most important step. Your clothes will be subject to stringent quality checks. It is also at this time that we assess your uniforms for any repairs. If a repair is needed, this is carried out to the highest standard, and subject to more quality checks before being dispatched back to you.

  • Delivery

Once we’re happy with your laundry, we put it through our automatic folder and send them out for delivery back to your premises, ready for neat and tidy presentation.


Bespoke Locker Solutions from Giltbrook Workwear

If all that wasn’t enough, we can also provide a personalised, bespoke locker solution for your business. Including laundry collectors, garment dispenser and personal lockers, we have strong stove enamelled lockers in banks of 5, 10 and 15 available. They come in a range of colours for to allow the lockers design to compliment your internal decoration. We can even help you with the design and layout of your lockers.

Our laundry collectors allow the soiled garment to be secured, so the unclean garments are kept separate from your belongings. We will have a master key to the lockers which allows us to easily load and unload your laundry. Our personal staff lockers come in a range of configurations and sizes, and all feature optional combination locks so you are not concerned with keys.

Get in touch with us today at Giltbrook Workwear to see how we can tailor our services to you. We offer an array of services that help to streamline the day-to-day running of your establishment which helps you focus on bigger tasks. Entrusting your workwear with us also means you don’t have to worry about getting your uniforms up to hygiene standards and let us worry instead as we are the best equipped to provide you with the consistent results you need.


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Modern, environmentally friendly laundry facilities

Rigorous and controlled cleaning processes for consistent results

Over 70 years’ experience and understanding of workwear laundry

Our Complete Workwear Service

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Workwear Purchase & Rental Options

We offer flexible rental contracts and outright purchase options for all of our workwear. Read our comparison to find out the best option for you.

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Garment Embroidery

Embroidery & Customisation

Add your logo and branding to your garments for a professional business look. 

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Washroom Services

We offer a range of washroom services including roller towels, complete with laundry of towels after use. 

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We can provide locker facilities for your staff. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to suit all needs. 

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