Chemical Splash Protection Workwear

Avoid any accidents by providing employees with the correct chemical splash protective clothing.

Understanding the Risks of Chemicals

If you work in an industry with chemicals, you need to take necessary precautions. Chemical spills and splashes can lead to skin irritation, burns and wounds. The risk does not only come from immediate contact with the chemicals, substances can seep through fabrics onto the skin after use. Chemical splash protective workwear is designed to shield your staff from injury. While chemicals will burn through ordinary clothes, specialist clothing will help to minimise this risk. As an employer you need to ensure your staff are equipped with the correct protection for their role. Chemical splash workwear includes jackets, lab coats, overalls and anti-splash hoods.

Choose the Best Protection for your Staff

EN 13034 Type 6 outlines the standard for the best types of limited chemical splash workwear. Garments should act as a barrier stopping chemicals reaching your skin. Our garments are treated with a hydrophobic treatment onto the fabric which reduces the surface tension to make the surface repellent against oils, acids, alkalis and some solvents. We ensure our workwear meets all industry standards, so you don’t need to worry about compliance. As chemical splash protective workwear is treated with chemicals, it must be laundered correctly to ensure it maintains its condition. Likewise, when in contact with chemicals, uniforms need to be carefully cleaned to ensure removal of all substances but without removing the specialist protective coating. We will replenish the chemical splash garments with the treatment finish each time during the rinse wash cycle and tunnel finish at over 135 degree C to re-engage the chemical treatment with the fabric.  As industrial workwear laundry specialists, we have the facilities to clean your staff garments without affecting their protective qualities. We are able to monitor conformity of your staffs uniform through our product traceability using  RFID and barcode technology sharing information uploaded on to the Giltbrook Hub reporting on wash frequency.

Comfortable Clothing Matters

Staff need to have comfort and flexibility to perform their roles safely, especially when wearing specialist clothing for long periods of time. Our garments are lightweight and anti - static for easy wearability. They also have taped seams and elastic cuffs to prevent chemical contact.

We also ensure our workwear fits appropriately. Before providing workwear we will offer a measurement service to ensure garments fit comfortably.


Types of Workwear

liquid repellant boilersuit
lab coat
liquid repellant coat

Why Choose Us?

If you’re looking for chemical resistant workwear, we offer flexible contracts to suit each business needs. Our workwear rental service allows us to deal with workwear laundry, repairs, and alterations on your behalf, saving you time and resources. We will also order more workwear with the same protection as and when required. If you wanted to purchase uniforms outright, that is also an option. We can arrange an additional agreement to deal with the collection, laundry and delivery of your uniforms in time for the next shift.

Giltbrook Workwear Promise

We will ensure your employees always have the correct protection for their jobs with our workwear

Save your time and resources with our workwear rental contracts. Let us deal with all your workwear needs including the ordering, storing and laundry of uniforms

Our workwear is comfortable as well as safe and designed to keep staff dry and warm

Our Complete Workwear Service

Hi-Vis PPE

Workwear Purchase & Rental Options

We offer flexible rental contracts and outright purchase options for all of our workwear. Read our comparison to find out the best option for you.

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Garment Embroidery

Embroidery & Customisation

Add your logo and branding to your garments for a professional business look. 

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We are workwear laundry specialists with an innovative modern laundry facility based in the Midlands. We can pick up your uniforms, clean them accordingly and deliver back to your door.

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We can provide locker facilities for your staff. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to suit all needs. 

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