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Giltbrook offer a flexible approach to meeting your needs when it comes to setting up the contract for supply and launder of your workwear.

We understand the importance of finding a commercial model that fits in with your business. To this end we can offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs. We offer the full workwear rental contract, or a purchase outright and clean only contract.

Full Workwear Rental Contracts

Within the offer of the Full Workwear Rental we can offer :-

  • Our Account Managers are available to offer advice on your workwear requirements. We will initially look to understand your specific needs for the workwear that you require , considering health and safety, hygiene factors and company branding. We will then be in a position to identify potential choices of fabric blend, garment configuration and fabric colours. At this time, designs, sampling for workwear and trialing of workwear can be offered.
  • Measuring each employee to provide garments tailored specifically for each staff member. 
  • Providing garment decoration; Embroidery and Badging which includes company logo, employee’s status and name. 
  • Each week, or at agreed frequencies we collect soiled garments and return laundered ones to a regular, agreed schedule. 
  • All garments are audited and repaired ensuring they are fit for purpose before being returned 
  • We monitor the quality of your garments and highlight any that are substandard and need replacement. 
  • Locker Management - Workwear is distributed to your site where our delivery route representative will load workwear into correct lockers and remove soiled workwear from the Collectors. 
  • Our route representatives will also lift and lay your logo entrance mats, office or work place mats around your site, on a predetermined basis. We find particularly in heavy traffic areas at least once per week change is ideal.
  • Other site services we offer include replacement of hand towels or tea towels, along with exchange of Blue Roller Towels.
  • Our experienced Account managers will look after all aspects of your account, relating to all aspects of the service and sales. Whether you require a new staff member being measured, have leavers or wish to review the contract our dedicated Account Managers are on hand to help.
  • We also have a Customer Service Team based at the Ilkeston facility who are always contactable by phone or e-mail or through the Giltbrook Hub to answer any queries. 
  • Our RFID transponder and Barcode technology enables us to keep pinpoint accuracy where garments are in the process and give you access to the Giltbrook Hub for detailed online management information.
  • For the above services we offer a weekly charge, which includes all of the above. This is normally split by the individual wearers, but alternatively can be charged on a pull stock basis.
  • We can be flexible on the contract length, this is designed to reflect the life of the garment, considering the wear and tear on the garments, wash frequency and expected repair dependent on the work environment. We also appreciate that a contract length also needs to reflect the changing needs of the customer. So a customer may wish to shorten a contract length to reflect the needs of a business. Alternatively, if a potential client wishes to have some of their staff on a contract basis, they may opt for some of the workwear to be purchased outright and cleaned on an adhoc basis.  
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Purchase Outright and Clean only

If you prefer to own your garments, or wish to buy them from us, we can still collect soiled garments on a regular basis returning them laundered and fit for purpose. 

  • We will arrange a schedule to ensure that you always have enough garments on site. 
  • All garments are barcoded to individual wearers enabling us to provide you with accurate invoicing information .
  • Our garment repair service can be included, for which you will receive an itemised monthly bills. 
  • We can advise you on how many garments you should have in circulation. 
  • Our experienced team can offer guidance on your PPE requirements and source through our database of Workwear the right products for you.

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