Washroom Services: Roller Towels

We offer roller towel washroom services for your workplace. They present a significant advantage over paper towels and are a more pleasant and environmentally friendly option for drying your hands. We can supply the cabinets to your workplace and deal with the laundry of your towels on an ongoing basis, ensuring you always have hygienically absorbent towels continuously available for your staff.

What Are Roller Towels?

Roller towels are absorbent 100% cotton towels that ensure complete hand drying after washing. They carefully remove all moisture, soap and bacteria from hands from when drying. They are the quickest and most absorbent solution for hand drying as well as the most practical and efficient.

Why Choose Roller Towels?

Roller towels cause few problems. Staff can dry their hands quickly and hygienically as a clean towel is present for each use. They are absorbent and help remove any excess bacteria still present after washing. They also ensure hands are completely dry after use.

Roller towels don’t require any electricity usage as opposed to hand dryers. They don’t cause jams either which is a common issue with paper towel systems.

Roller towels are reusable so there is no environmental waste. The compartments within the cabinet separate clean and used towels so there is no cross contamination and we can regularly clean and replace the towels as and when required to save your resources.

Roller towels are also a low-cost service compared to expensive hand dryers and paper towels.

Roller Cabinet and Towel


Why Are Roller Towels a better alternative than Paper Towels?

Paper towels produce lots of waste. They also require the cutting down of trees and produce more carbon dioxide emissions. They have been identified as the worst hand drying option for the environment.

Paper towels are also expensive to purchase and require lots of upkeep as they need changing regularly. There is then the issue of disposal. Workplace bins often get full with staff using paper towels and pile up can lead to towels getting dropped on the floor.

Our Services

Our roller towels are standard 40m towels and they provide around 200 clean sections for drying. We will wash and dry the towels on a regular basis before returning to you ready for when required.

We can also provide a range of bath, hand and tea towels. Reusable towels that are washed regularly and professionally cause minimal disruption to the environment. Towels are also the most pleasant and absorbent solution to drying.

Why Choose Us

We have one of the largest and innovative laundry facilities in Europe.

Rigorous cleaning processes along with decades of experience ensures towels are cleaned to the highest hygiene standards. 

Our service is reliable and tailored to suit you. Flexible contracts are available. 

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