Medical & Pharmaceutical Workwear

If you operate in the pharmaceutical, medical or healthcare industry, you need to meet stringent safety standards and regulations at all stages in every process. Not only can we provide a range of workwear that meets these high standards, but we can also manage and care for your workwear too. Our workwear rental service includes fitting of workwear, alterations and repairs, workwear laundry, and pick up and drop off uniforms when cleaned.

Pharmaceutical Workwear That Exceeds Standards

At Giltbrook Workwear, our speciality is providing workwear that meets and exceeds professional standards across all industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, having the right workwear is crucial for avoiding contamination, and to protect your workers, customers and business in the process. We have garments available to suit cleanrooms, all of which meet ISO 14644 standards, Classes 5-9 and we have anti-static garments available, which comply with the standard EN 1149 regulation, to ensure protection for your staff and avoid the potential for electro-static discharge.

We offer a range of standard and bespoke garments for your staff, with the option to personalise them for your brand. Our pharmaceutical workwear includes coveralls, coats, trousers and hoods. We also offer a measuring service to ensure a safe and comfortable fit for your staff. We offer our workwear in a range of sizes to suit all your staff members If workwear doesn’t fit right, then this can cause problems for you. That’s why our range is deeply personalised and customisable.

Our workwear also includes some very useful features like encapsulated seams, elasticated waistlines, adjustable fastenings, concealed zips, raglan sleeves, pockets and sleeves which are double turned and stitched.

Cleanliness is crucial to the medical and healthcare industries, so our workwear is designed to be durable and easy to clean. As commercial laundry specialists we test fabrics on behalf of manufacturers so you can ensure we only deliver the best garments.

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Our Medical Workwear Laundry Processes

We offer a stringent and thorough laundry process that ensures a high quality of microbiological cleanliness, which is essential to your operation. Our pharmaceutical laundry processing meets Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001:2015 requirements and is attended to in our ISO 14644-1 :2015 classified cleanroom.

Our process looks like this:

  • Tracking - All garments are scanned in upon arrival so we can track them throughout the laundry process and make sure no garments slip through the cracks.
  • Wash Cycle - We have designed specific process to compliment the lint free and poly cotton fabrics used in this sector. There are a number of stages in our wash cycle which creates an extremely thorough process, making sure to remove any particular build up on the garment, perspiration and grease staining. This gives us fantastic results every time.
  • Quality Checks - We have real time control of our wash processes through our Sapphire cloud based system, continually monitoring all aspects of the washing machines during the processing  from temperature of cycle, to dip levels and wash action. This is complimented with our dositech detergent system, offering proof of delivery of detergent at each requested phase, which is also continually recorded to allow for analysis fo data. This data control is also complimented by  our detergent suppliers who oversee our washing processes to ensure the critical wash parameters are maintained on a regular basis. Our chemists measure alkalinity in the main wash, whiteness test, and the neutral PH during the rinse cycle, this allows us to meet exacting standards demanded by your sector. They also conduct random microbiological test, allergen swab testing checks on garments to ensure they meet our high standards.
  • Tunnel Drying - Our tunnel drying stage guarantees a quality finish to the washing process with careful temperature control and thermal disinfection. This process protects garments and produces a lint and crease free finish.
  • More Quality Checks - Before our workwear goes out to our customers, it is carefully examined again to ensure it meets all the required standards. If repairs are required, this is done to the highest standard and those individual repairs are checked even further before sending out.
  • Delivery - After we’re confident that all your workwear has been cleaned to the best of our abilities and meets all safety standards, it’s put through our automatic folder for neat and tidy presentation.

Cleanliness is absolutely vital to the pharmaceutical industry and as you can see, our extremely thorough processes ensures that all our uniforms are cleaned to a very high standard. With plenty of quality checks and tracking from the start, we can guarantee that all uniforms are washed and that they’ve been washed to the necessary degree.

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Locker Services from Giltbrook Workwear

Having clean workwear is one thing, having a clean and controlled space to store them in is another. Our garment dispensing and personal lockers ensures that your hygienically clean workwear is secure and ready to be collected 24 hours a day for any member of staff.

We can provide stove enamelled lockers in banks of 5, 10 and 15 compartments. We can also assist you in the layout and design of your locker banks. Each person has their own individual compartment with a key that gives them 24 hour access.

We will have a master key that can be used to open all lockers at once for loading and unloading. Our laundry collectors also feature a non-returnable flap. Your team can put their dirty or soiled garments in there for collection, with no chance of it ending up on the workspace floor.

In a range of colours, our lockers can be configured to suit your setup and operation and we’ll assist you in figuring out where they will go and will provide after care too.


Why Choose Us

For a workwear solution that you can rely on, get in contact with us at Giltbrook Workwear today and see how we can help with your operation. We understand the stringent standards and regulations that need to be met across industries and our services and processes are geared towards ensuring the highest level of quality for you and your business.

From cleanliness to logistics, you can buy or rent workwear from us. If you choose to rent, then we can manage your entire workwear process for you, freeing up time and resources. From picking them up, washing them to the highest standards, delivering them back to you and more, we handle every step. We can even provide new uniforms for new members of staff and offer garments that can be personalised to champion your brand.

Call Giltbrook Workwear today for more information on how our services can benefit you today!

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Workwear Purchase & Rental Options

We offer flexible rental contracts and outright purchase options for all of our workwear. Read our comparison to find out the best option for you.

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Add your logo and branding to your garments for a professional business look. 

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Washroom Services

We offer a range of washroom services including roller towels, complete with laundry of towels after use. 

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We can provide locker facilities for your staff. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to suit all needs. 

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