Food Industry Coats & Coveralls

The food industry has specific hygiene and safety regulations. Ensure your staff have the correct workwear for their roles. 

Understanding Food Safety Requirements

Regulations surrounding food safety and hygiene are stringent so it is important to ensure staff working in the food industry meet these standards. When choosing workwear you need to consider the risk as it differs depending on the level of food you work with: 

  • Maximum risk: Handling food that is unpackaged and ready to eat by consumers such as salads, spreads and sushi. The highest level of protection is required from employees to prevent contamination.
  • High risk: Handling food that is unpackaged but may require further cooking or processing such as raw meat.
  • Low risk: Handling of food that is difficult to effect like crisps, potatoes and coffee.

The higher risk the stricter the workwear requirements. Protective workwear for the food industry doesn’t mean protection for the employee as it does in other sectors. It is about protecting the products and the consumers who come into contact with the foodstuffs.

As a general rule, food trade workwear should:

  • Not have pockets situated above the waist. This prevents anything falling into the food.
  • Have no external pockets.
  • Have personalisation that is permanently attached to the garments such as embroidered logos, heat sealed logos.
  • Fastenings must be made form metal and securely attached. Sewn on buttons are advised against as they can easily fall off. Metal press studs can be more easily found should they detach from the garment.

Workwear rules are designed to stop anything interfering with the food produce.

Versatile Workwear to Suit all Roles

To safeguard the products, we have a selection of coats and coveralls available that meet industry standards. We have white laboratory coats with a variety of coloured collars which help with identification and prevent cross department contamination.

Our coats and coveralls are versatile making them suitable for:

  • food industry
  • laboratories
  • warehouse work
  • transport
  • general cleaning


Types of Workwear

red food trade coat
blue food trade coat
green food trade coat
white food trade coat
red food trade coverall
blue food coverall

Workwear Cleanliness

As you might expect food hygiene is of particular importance so workwear cleanliness needs to be taken seriously. Aside from providing uniforms we can offer laundry solutions. We are laundry specialists who have modern innovative facilities and we have developed processes to ensure garments are attended to in the most efficient manner. Our garments have product chips inside so we can track how often they are washed , the location of the item through the laundry process and note any information relating to repairs and alterations. The chips are assigned to the employees so we can return them directly to them.

Workwear Rental or Purchase

Our workwear is available for purchase or as part of our rental service. If you opt for our rental service we will deal with any alterations, repairs or new uniforms requirements. We will also deal with laundry of your garments. Should you purchase your workwear outright we have flexible contracts available for our workwear maintenance services.

Why Choose Us?

We will ensure your employees always have the correct protection for their jobs with our workwear

Save your time and resources with our workwear rental contracts. Let us deal with all your workwear needs including the ordering, storing and laundry of uniforms

Our workwear is comfortable as well as safe and designed to keep staff dry and warm

Our Complete Workwear Service

Hi-Vis PPE

Workwear Purchase & Rental Options

We offer flexible rental contracts and outright purchase options for all of our workwear. Read our comparison to find out the best option for you.

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Garment Embroidery

Embroidery & Customisation

Add your logo and branding to your garments for a professional business look. 

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We are workwear laundry specialists with an innovative modern laundry facility based in the Midlands. We can pick up your uniforms, clean them accordingly and deliver back to your door.

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We can provide locker facilities for your staff. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to suit all needs. 

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