Giltbrook’s Mats

Did you know that Giltbrook provide and launder a variety of mats across the Midlands. Our most popular type of mat is our Logo mat, it’s a great way of using wasted floor space as a marketing tool. From a company logo to a key brand message, pretty much anything you want can be displayed on one of our mats. Giltbrook also launder your mats to maintain their cleanliness and ensure colours stay bright and vibrant. Our wash processes have been rigorously tested to ensure they prolong the life of the product. Find out more about our mats here

A range of companies have given us great feedback on their mats and have since purchased multiple for different areas of the company. This year we took delivery of a new mat from Jeremy Hicks of Milliken who supply our mats. This mat was designed to celebrate our 70th anniversary and includes a range of smaller images. The quality is still great and we were really pleased with it here is our CEO Chris Jackson with Jeremy Hicks. Get in touch 


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