Working With The University of Nottingham & Partners

Giltbrook Workwear have been working in partnership with the University of Nottingham to help reduce our energy consumption and subsequently our environmental impact. A big part of this was looking at the lighting in our laundry facility. Working with the University we discovered that using LED lamps would help us save energy. The University did a full assessment of our building and our current lighting, they noted areas where the lighting could be improved and where energy could be saved. In total, their research found that we could save over half the energy lighting currently uses which is equivalent to over 18,000 kWh, saving energy costs and reducing our carbon foot print by 9 tonnes year on year helping us to meet our targets and reduce our impact on the environment. 

With this evidence, we approached Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council’s D2 Energy Efficiency team to look at potential funding for the installation of the lighting.  The D2EE Team work with local businesses to help improve energy efficiency and provided an additional report on the benefits of LED lighting with improved control. The results of the report spoke for themselves and we are pleased to announce that with money from the European Regional Development Fund the D2EE Team agreed to help us fund the installation. The funding has been welcomed to support the new LED installation at Giltbrook. 

We continue to work with the University of Nottingham to further reduce our environmental impact. Currently we our exploring the benefits of installing solar panels and heating hot water for the laundry. Watch this space for more laundry innovation. Giltbrook are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in the workwear and laundry industry.

Visit our dedicated pages for more information on our Environmental impact 

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