Cleanroom & Pharmaceutical workwear

ISO 14644-1 2015 Classified Cleanroom & cGMP Grade D:2017

 Laundered correctly to eliminate contamination risk

We work with fabric manufacturers & our detergent suppliers to ensure your workwear is laundered in exemplary conditions and is of the highest quality. We only use the best, branded fabric such as Carrington, Gautier,Lauffenmühle and Klopman.

When laundering pharmaceutical workwear careful processes must be followed with discipline to meet stringent cleanliness standards conforming to our ISO9001 :2015 procedures. From the correct use of detergents in the wash system, to how garments are dried, finished, packed in our ISO 14644-1 2015 Classified Cleanroom and delivered back to you. It is extremely important that garments are treated correctly. Our services are enhanced by our free online hub providing you with a full audit trail and up to date garment information gathered through our state of the art RFID chip and  barcode system.giltbrook-hub

Giltbrook offer a range of garments for this sector such as coveralls, coats, hoods, snoods, and caps. They offer control of particulate, bio-burden and electrostatic discharge and are designed to ensure particles and micro-organisms are limited and retained.

It is paramount to correctly launder pharmaceutical workwear, our wash systems have been proven to be effective. They achieve the balance of delicately washing garments to prolong their life, whilst still ensuring they are hygienically cleaned. We work with detergent suppliers to develop the optimum wash process for each garment type. The chemicals we use are automatically dosed into the wash system to eliminate human error.

Get in touch to discuss more about the wash processes and detergents we use.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-11-07-31Our workwear is processed in our ISO 14644-1 :2015 classified cleanroom where we follow standard operating procedures and a strict hygiene schedule. In this facility staff wear GMP grade coats, mob caps, shoes and sanitise hands in line with GMP regulations. Our high care facility also features a Positive Pressure, air system which filters the volume of air each hour. At our facility we also have secure barrier separating soiled and clean garments. Importantly as part of our processes we conduct microbiological and allergen testing. Through random sampling we carry out allergen & micro-bacterial swab testing on garments to ensure they meet the stringent GMP standards.

When dealing with these technical garments and fabrics it is key to ensure they are dried in the correct environment. If drying  temperatures are too high the garments could be prematurely worn effecting their quality. Our tunnel finisher eliminates this risk and produces a quality finish, lint and crease free. The carefully controlled temperature also provides a secondary thermal disinfection.

An important part of the finishing process is our automatic garment folder which reduces the amount of human contact. Moreover, workwear is  then sealed in blue tinted packaging to guarantee the integrity of the cleanliness in transit, from leaving the plant to the point staff members put on their garments.

Stringent procedures must be in place when dealing with cleanroom garments. We have standard operating procedures in place to ensure we conform to the requirements set by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and ISO 9001:2015 which we are proud to be accredited.

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