Workwear Laundered Correctly

 PPE for the safety critical market

img_0085-copyThrough research and development we work with fabric manufacturers to ensure your workwear is laundered in exemplary conditions and is of the highest quality. We only use the best, branded fabric and materials for instance we use 3M reflective tape as well as Carrington an Kloppman fabrics.

Today, it is paramount that your workwear gets laundered effectively.

In the safety critical market, major problems can occur if workwear isn’t looked after in the correct way, issues that can severely impact your business. From the correct use of detergents in the wash system to how garments are dried, repaired, finished and packed, it is extremely important that garments are treated in the correct manner. Workwear is there to protect the wearer and product, promote the business through personalisation along with the garments quality . High-calibre garments ensure employee’s are proud to work at your establishment.

Hi- Visibility – Garments need to be laundered at the optimum temperature, speed and dried in the
correct way, this is dependent on the fabric/tape qualities. Our tunnel finisher’s temperature is carefully controlled ensuring reflective tape is not damaged in any way.  It is key to marry the wash action with the chemical balance, temperature of the wash liquor and length of cycle to ensure the garments conform to EN20571 standards.

Multi protection: Hi-Vis, Flame Retadant -Materials need to be carefully serviced as throughout screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-16-00-09the garments life they need to protect the wearer and constantly conform to the correct standards EN11612 / EN1161, EN20471 and GO/RT 3279. This is achieved by washing the garments in chemicals that that though research and development have been rigorously tested to prolong the life of the garment. We will constantly ensure your garments meet the correct standards. You can keep track of your garments though our online Hub providing you with a vast amount of garment and wearer information.

Chemical Repellent Finish EN13034 Type 6 – Garments for environments where chemical splash
is a risk, need to be sensitively laundered to avoid; Colour loss, excessive shrinkage, and a reduction in the garments life. When laundering  this type of garment expert knowledge is needed as a dual process
occurs. Firstly, Hydrofoil treatment is replenished through
the rinse process, then the  tunnel dryer is set at the optimum temperature to activate the repellant, ensuring the garment is fit for purpose once again.

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-11-00-58Antistatic FinishWe also provide garments with an antistatic finish which has a carbon-fibre Negastat grid woven into the fabric to protect against static electricity. Garments with this finish need to be extremely sensitively laundered to ensure they conform to EN1149-3. 


All our garments are laundered in accordance to industry regulation

These are just some of the wide range of products for the safety critical market for more information visit our dedicated pages

Take a look at our short video here for more information on how we process safety critical garments.

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